Mommy Fash’n Women’s Organic Cotton Maternity Leggings from 9happymonths



Price: ₹ 599.00
(as of Sep 23,2020 00:32:33 UTC – Details)

Fit Type: Relaxed
❀ SOFT OVER-THE-BELLY STRETCHABLE SUPPORT: During the nine happy months of your pregnancy, your belly will grow in size and shape. You will need leggings with a unique combination of strength, stretch, softness and breathability. Mommy Fash’n Maternity Leggings are the ideal pair with a soft and stretchable over-the-belly support, which hugs and grows with your belly during pregnancy. What’s interesting is that it can be used post-pregnancy as well !
❄ GOTS CERTIFIED 100% ORGANIC COTTON: GOTS certified organic cotton, used in Mommy Fash’n Maternity Leggings is made from organic fibers, having met strict environmental and social criteria during processing and have been certified by an independent, third party along the whole supply chain. This makes it uniquely ethical, safe and comfortable.
☃ HYPOALLERGENIC & NO ITCHY LABELS – makes a GREAT GIFT: Mommy Fash’n Maternity Leggings are made from certified organic cotton and hence avoids the use of toxic chemicals, harmful insecticides, pesticides, chemical dyes and pigments. This makes it hypoallergenic and less likely to cause skin allergy and reaction. As a policy, we do not use itchy labels and uncomfortable tags, so you can relax like a queen.
❤ SAFE FOR PREGNANCY: Mommy Fash’n Maternity Leggings are crafted with love by a Mom like you and tested for 24×7 wear. Non-organic conventional cotton uses toxic chemicals and harmful insecticides & pesticides during production. These are possible carcinogenic sources and hence best avoided during the most important phase of your life. Organic Cotton, used in Mommy Fash’n Maternity Leggings does not engage such harmful materials, hence safe for use during pregnancy.
☺ EASY SIZE GUIDE: Sizing is one of the toughest steps in choosing your maternity-wear. With Mommy Fash’n Maternity Leggings, you can relax and just go ahead and order your pre-pregnancy size and use them during the entire nine happy months and beyond.


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