Kurtis and Bottoms: Guide To Fat Arms



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Kurtis & Bottoms – For Fat Arms
Indian ethnics dresses are now welcomed globally and it not just for festive season. Wearing long tunic tops to work is not that uncommon in west too. Well what you know Tunic tops are first cousin to Kurtis.
In this book I Intend to be of help to the women who have big arms and wish to wear kurtis and bottoms in style, in such a way that it hides their imperfection in most fashionable manner and make them look sophisticated as well.
Precise & Cut to the chase solutions:
•List of Kurti styles which are just made for this body type
•List of Kurti styles which you should avoid at all cost (with some twigging tips as how it can be worn)
•List of stylish bottom wears with Kurtis (which gives you structure of “Hour Glass”)
•List of bottom wears to avoid (which makes your upper body looks wider)
•List of products which is must have for last minute fix to big arms /sleeveless kurtis (Compressed Arm Shaper is one of them)
•List of wrist accessories to create an illusion of slimmer arms (Segregation of Big Bone & Small bone available)
If you are still wondering why you need to pay attention on kind of bottom wear if your got fat arms then let me tell you that it is your broad shoulder and fat arms which makes you look wider at the top and not big breast.
So when you over all figure is concerned you cannot afford neglect big arms and dress accordingly.
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Kurtis to wear:
Raglan Sleeves Tunic Tops: Well tunic top is kurti from west. A raglan sleeve in dark color is one which leaves a diagonal seams from the underarms to collar bone. This sleeve not only helps you with big arms but to some extent with your huge shoulders as some patch of that dark color sits on your shoulders.
Moral of the story is that this top uses dark color (which has slimming effect) for sleeves and that color is extended to your big shoulders which is a help with your heavy upper body.
Kurti to Avoid:
Off Shoulder Kurtis: By now you must have got that you can’t bear it all. I mean your flashy arms and hence off shoulders are off limit for you. I know this style of kurti is very much in fashion but girl avoid them as they are surely not going to make you look beautiful.
Remedy: If you still have one and can’t throw it away then go for off shoulder kurti with long sleeves (keeping sleeves closest to shoulder) and wear a dupatta in such a way that it forms two vertical lines in front.
Dupatta will do two things; it will hide the upper shoulders to some extent and will create a cold shoulder top kind of effect which is acceptable for fat arms.
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